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When an area on your body becomes painful/ injured or degenerated, for whatever reason, structures are damaged and the normal balance of feedback is disrupted. The brain receives these disrupted signals and in response produces disrupted dysfunctional responses. This new dysfunctional communication patterns persist long after tissues have been “repaired”. Dysfunctional neural communication can cause ongoing problems and create what many refer to as a lingering injury. Sometimes patients use the term “its never been the same since.” When this dysfunctional communication begins your body responds with protective mechanisms such as pain signaling and restricting motion in the area causing stiffness and inflexibility. As long as dysfunctional communication continues so will optimum function. Independent Physical Medicine is an integrated practice that utilizes specialized rehab, regenerative medicine, and chiropractic as well as other services to address all aspects of chronic pain and conditions. Whether you suffered from an injury, have a chronic pain-causing condition, or are recovering from orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation can help you recover as quickly as possible. With the help of the medical and holistic providers at Independent Physical Medicine in Lima, Ohio, you can get started on a personalized rehabilitation plan to get you back to full function. Book your rehabilitation evaluation online or call to speak with a team member directly.

Rehabilitation Q & A

Why do I need rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation programs at our office are designed to address the physical AND nervous system aspects of your injury to ensure you heal quickly while helping you build strength and regain optimal range of motion along the way. The ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to get you back to 100% and resolve pain by combining several types of therapies.

Your doctor may recommend rehabilitation to recover from any of the following ailments:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arthritis 
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprains or strains
  • Rotator Cuff tears
  • Inherited deformities 
  • Automobile accident injuries
  • Chronic pain, including neuropathy and fibromyalgia
  • Overuse injuries, like stress fractures
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • MCL and ACL tears
  • Knee Pain

What happens during rehabilitation?

Your rehabilitation plan from Independent Physical Medicine is entirely personalized to your diagnosis, your symptoms, and where you’re at in your recovery. Throughout your rehabilitation care, you may need:

  • Trigger point injections
  • Stabilization with braces
  • AthroStim Interruptor technique
  • Transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • Assistive devices, such as canes or crutches
  • Specialized Rehabilitation  therapy
  • Regenerative medicine treatments
  • Platelet Rich Plasma  injections 
  • Low laser light therapy 
  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections Infrared Therapy
  • Decompression Therapy Back on Trac and Knee on Trac

As you progress throughout your rehabilitation plan from Independent Physical Medicine, your treatments change according to your progress. Your progress will be tracked and customized as improvements are made.

You also receive a tailored home rehabilitation plan that details exercises you should be doing between sessions. 

How long do I need to go to rehabilitation?

It just depends on how quickly your body heals. Most rehabilitation plans from Independent Physical Medicine begin with two to three sessions for at least 8-10 weeks. But you may need additional sessions for your specific diagnosis. 

Eventually, the goal is to get you to a point where you only need to come into Independent Physical Medicine ~1-2 times a month for maintenance and will be based on period evaluations as our guidelines for treatment. 

Find out more about the rehabilitation services offered at Independent Physical Medicine by booking an evaluation online. You can also call to schedule over the phone.