Neurofeedback Therapy and Its Use in Pain Management

It’s easy to assume that you have to turn to risky drugs or surgery to get chronic pain symptoms under control. But exciting advancements in the pain management field make it possible to relieve your symptoms in noninvasive ways, like neurofeedback. 

At Independent Physical Medicine in Lima, Ohio, our team brings an integrated approach to pain management with the latest treatment methods for chronic pain. Here’s how ongoing, persistent pain impacts your brain and how neurofeedback therapy could help.

Chronic pain and your brain

Your brain is a complex organ with a lot of responsibilities. Think of it as a choir that needs to work together to sing in perfect harmony. 

Unfortunately, chronic pain can take a toll on your overall brain function, throwing the choir into disarray. This is especially true with persistent or long-term cases, which can cause structural and emotional impairments in the brain’s cortical regions — areas associated with pain as well as with co-occurring conditions like anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

That’s because the brain and nervous system can become overstimulated and hypersensitive from persistent pain. This creates alarm systems that continue ringing throughout the body even when the source of your pain healed long ago. 

Neurofeedback is a painless process that uses your brain’s natural plasticity to change its neural pathways and connections. It addresses chronic pain by using positive neuroplasticity to heal the brain and bring the choir back into tune.

Using neurofeedback for pain relief

Neuroplasticity is a way of describing changes that occur in your brain structure and organization as you learn, experience, and adapt. Each time you have a repeated emotion or thought, you reinforce a neural pathway in your brain. 

Together, these repeated, small changes modify your brain function, causing them to become automatic. This process is always going on, though your brain loses some of its plasticity as you age, making your approaches to learning, thinking, and perceiving more fixed.

This is also what makes neurofeedback therapy such a powerful tool in pain management. Neurofeedback helps with pain relief by:

This approach offers numerous benefits for a number of pain conditions, including headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, and even cancer and postoperative pain. It’s also especially effective in children and adolescents.

What to expect from neurofeedback therapy

Getting neurofeedback therapy is completely painless and noninvasive. We use an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure several brain frequencies through sensors in combination with a program that retrains your brain and nervous system using sounds or visual signals. 

While you sit in a chair with sensors attached to your scalp, the program processes your brain signals and provides information about the frequencies. Then, you listen to music or watch graphics in a biofeedback program while your brain and nervous system receive signals. At this point, the program starts directing your brain waves toward more controlled and desirable patterns. 

During this process, you receive feedback from the program immediately so you know when your patterns change and improve. For best results, you should undergo a series of weekly neurofeedback treatments. Expect to notice positive changes and reduced pain between visits as your brain begins functioning in a healthier manner.

Medication is far from your only treatment option when you have chronic pain. To learn if neurofeedback therapy can help with your pain, contact our Lima, Ohio, office by calling 567-940-9334.

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