Learn How Our Cutting-Edge Regenerative Therapies Can Alleviate Muscle and Joint Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, you know firsthand that it can impact every aspect of your life, including your relationships. Fortunately, innovative regenerative medicine therapies can help address these issues. The best part? They work by helping to heal your body, instead of simply masking your symptoms like many medications do.

In Lima, Ohio, our experienced Independent Physical Medicine team has been at the forefront of regenerative stem cell treatments for years. Here’s how our therapeutic techniques can help alleviate your muscle and joint pain.

How regenerative therapy works

In the past, if you had an ache or pain, most doctors prescribed a pain-relieving medication — only addressing your symptoms. That didn’t resolve the issue causing your discomfort or reduced mobility.

That’s what sets the field of regenerative medicine apart. This specialty focuses on healing the damage that’s causing your pain. And it works by using powerful cells in the body that naturally trigger the healing process.

There are several different types of regenerative medicine treatments, but our team specializes in stem cell therapy. Our injections rely on stem cells from donated umbilical cords after birth, which would otherwise be discarded. These unique cells contain vital growth factors that activate the healing process in your body. They also contain: 

Harnessing these powerful substances in regenerative therapy, we inject them into the muscle or joint causing your pain. Once in place, they get to work, triggering the healing process and bringing healthy cells to the area. As healthy tissue returns to the site, your pain fades and your mobility improves.

When to consider regenerative therapy

At Independent Physical Medicine, we recommend this cutting-edge regenerative therapy for a wide range of joint, muscle, and other soft tissue pain, including:

Undergoing regenerative therapy offers numerous advantages. Not only does it involve minimal discomfort, but it also comes with no surgery or downtime. It can also help reduce your dependence on other medications you may need to manage your pain.

For even better results, we might recommend including the PurePRP® system in your regenerative cell injection. This FDA-approved kit helps us add even more healing regenerative medicine power to your injection by concentrating the growth factors found in your blood, known as platelet-rich plasma therapy.

What to expect during your treatment

Undergoing regenerative stem cell therapy is quick and usually takes approximately 30 minutes. Our therapeutic approach follows strict FDA regulations to ensure the highest quality formulas and patient safety. We also take X-rays before and after your treatment so we can evaluate your progress every step of the way.

As part of your regenerative medicine plan, we also work closely with you to develop a personalized approach to help you reach optimal results by incorporating a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle strategies.

To see how our cutting-edge regenerative therapies can alleviate your muscle or joint pain, contact us by calling 567-940-9334 to schedule an appointment today.

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