Laser Light Therapy: A Drug-Free Solution for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a common problem that affects approximately 100 million men and women. And, for nearly 20 million of them, it impacts their daily life. If you live with chronic pain, we can help. 

At Independent Physical Medicine in Lima, Ohio, we offer the most innovative, drug-free solutions available for chronic pain so you don’t have to suffer anymore. Here’s what you need to know about laser light therapy and how it can treat chronic pain.

Understanding how pain works

When it comes to finding effective pain management, it helps to take a step back and consider how pain works. If you suffer from chronic back pain, for example, it’s easy to think that the specific sensations you feel come from the area that hurts. However, your brain is what determines how you feel.

Pain has a complex communication cycle that determines how your symptoms unfold. First, nerves known as nociceptors start firing off messages if they detect damage in your body. These signals race through your spinal cord to your brain.

Once received, your brain decides how to process the information. This entire process only takes fractions of a second, but it dictates how you feel pain all over your body, from a stubbed toe or splinter to a ruptured disc or sciatica.

Our team understands that managing chronic pain involves targeting its source, including the nerves sending the pain signals, to help you find effective relief that lasts.

What sets low-level laser light therapy apart

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) uses light to promote tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain. Unlike medical laser procedures that have an ablative or thermal mechanism, LLLT causes a photochemical effect, which means the tissue absorbs the light and undergoes a chemical change. 

This technique is termed “low-level” because the optimum levels of energy density delivered are low. This sets it apart from other forms of laser therapy that use higher energy levels for ablation, cutting, and thermal tissue coagulation. Low-level laser therapy is FDA-cleared for:

It may be hard to imagine, but laser light therapy is a powerful tool when it comes to treating numerous medical conditions. Not only can it help control pain and heal superficial skin issues, but it can also provide your body with a rush of endorphins and mediate pain signaling between your damaged tissues and your brain.

How laser light therapy works

Laser light therapy has several names, including LLLT, cold laser therapy, and phototherapy. This innovative technique uses certain wavelengths of light to produce biological responses in your body, which trigger the healing process in your cells. LLLT enables your cells to transform themselves and improve their health in several ways, including:

In addition to these cellular changes, LLLT can significantly improve nerve function, prompt nerve regeneration over large areas of neural tissue, and reduce muscular atrophy. 

As a result of all of these changes, LLLT offers an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and biostimulating effect when it comes to managing chronic pain, especially neuropathic pain with hypersensitivity to the lightest touch. Plus, it’s noninvasive, quick and safe, and offers a non-pharmaceutical solution.

Using laser light therapy for pain relief

When used to treat pain, light therapy produces an analgesic reaction in your system. But it doesn’t stop there; it also subdues the nerve activity triggering your pain.

For light therapy to work, it requires three specific things.


This describes the measure of light you receive during treatment. We use a 250-watt laser with superpulsed technology. This high wattage means the light can be driven deep into tissues, while the superpulsed technology protects the tissue from thermal damage.


The amount of time you spend exposed to the light.


How often you receive laser light therapy.

To provide the best results, we develop a personalized treatment strategy based on your condition and the severity of your pain.

What to expect during laser light therapy

Undergoing a light therapy treatment is safe, painless, and has few side effects. Each session lasts 12 minutes and has a cumulative effect, so we recommend receiving therapy at least twice a week.

During the treatment, we aim the laser aperture at the site of pain. You wear special glasses that protect your eyes.

For the best results, it’s essential to follow your personalized schedule consistently. Many men and women see an improvement after the initial session, but sometimes, it can take 5-10 treatments for pain relief to begin.

To learn more about laser light therapy as a form of pain management, contact our office by calling 567-940-9334 or using our online form to send a message.

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